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Take a look at our past. The true spirit of Domus Nova and all we stand for.



Since the Camerons departed from Downing Street, the leafy streets of North Kensington and the St Quintin’s conservation area (where they own a home), is firmly on the map once more. A winding array of solid Victorian villas and townhouses that gently slope back towards the green spaces of St Helen’s Gardens; these are proper grown up homes with good space and great gardens.

At the southernmost end of the street, Oxford Gardens has merged new with old to great effect. A bit like Sam Cam and her very stylish interpretation of great British design, this is a house that’s not afraid to show its established architectural roots, helped along by an injection of new ideas and contemporary design inspiration.

Beautifully designed by its former owner, a limited palette of colour incorporating differing shades of blue – from pale baby blue to deep steel-grey blue – has been used to tie the whole house together and allow spaces to run on in to each other. Carefully curated classic post-war inspired furniture and modern artworks combine in a cleverly arranged space. Additional square footage and streams of natural light have been achieved through the addition of a steel and glass side extension which houses the kitchen and open-plan family room. The same effect has been achieved in the reception room where dividing walls are gone and one huge open-plan space remains. Two further floors of bedrooms and bathrooms provide plenty of space for the kids and adults alike, and three bathrooms will never leave anyone waiting to go.

The real hidden beauty of this house though is in its private garden room. A workspace tucked away from the main house which could be used to plot the next stage of a political career or manage the progress of British fashion, the studio overlooks a quintessentially manicured lawn and patio.