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Architecturally designed by Michaelis Boyd, this sensational four-bedroom home showcases grand proportions and luxurious living spaces dictated by a wonderfully clean Bauhaus-like minimalism. It did not, however, start life off this way.

When the previous owners bought this space, it was a very run-down 1960s brick house that had been wedged into a Second World War bombsite. Their plan was to knock the entire thing down to build a bold, modernist house in its place. And with the help of Michaelis Boyd – that is exactly what they did.

“The brief presented us with a problem because the planning department wanted a house in keeping with the rest of the street; Clarendon Road is made up of predominantly Victorian stucco houses. After careful negotiation, we persuaded the council that it wold be impossible to replicate a Victorian house in such a narrow space, but that a dramatic, modern house would be a great improvement of the previous 60s build.” – Michaelis Boyd

Like many of the architects’ projects, the house is predominantly defined by its staircase – in this case, a sculptural ‘Z’ stair which cuts a crisp line into the surrounding framework and is illuminated by roof lights across three of the five floors.

“Space was tight for this project, so the stairs run like a ribbon in a void from floor to floor, only turning once at ground level and eliminating the extra space a landing would take up.” – Michaelis Boyd

Occupying an entire floor, the open-plan kitchen / dining area features stone floors, a contemporary snug area and sliding doors leading out to the spacious private garden. Demonstrating seamless transitional flow from level-to-level, this home also has a private driveway and separate terrace area.

“At the time, the idea to create the seamless ‘inside / outside’ experience was a relatively new concept to the area, and one that we exploited to the full on subsequent projects.” – Michaelis Boyd