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The world of interior design has its unconventional trends which feel as though they are everywhere for a hot second and disappear in the next, often prompting people to fall back on a simple and clean composition – two words which perfectly define this home on St Lawrence Terrace. Exuding a contemporary spirit with its minimalistic layout, the pops of colour ranging from the lilac-coloured carpeted stairs to a pastel-pink cabinet make it far from boring.

Sometimes it’s the uncomplicated design elements that should be most appreciated, such as the open-plan kitchen and dining area paired with considerable windows that give this home an ample feel – perfect for hosting and entertaining. The thoughtfully selected pieces of art, most if not all comprising of colourful and abstract attributes, hung throughout the house truly bring this space to life. The watercolour piece located in the home’s study in order to complement the baby blue flooring detail just goes to show that albeit the home initially coming across rather simplistic in its interior, it displays impeccable attention to detail and thereby emanates an effortlessly striking vibe.

Tucked away in a serene neighbourhood with Portobello Road just around the corner, we find it to be an ideal mix between ultimate privacy and easy access to the hustle and bustle of Notting Hill. For us, it’s the secluded rooftop garden overlooking some of London’s most quintessential streets which is the winning detail. A to-die-for view and excluded space from the rest of the house makes this the go-to spot to unwind on a warm summer evening.

Undeniably appreciated by anyone with a weakness for contemporary architecture and interiors, the bold decorations in addition to texture-attentive furnishing pieces give this home a spicy kick whilst staying true to its minimalistic roots.