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How often have we been told that the way to sell your house is to paint everything magnolia and de-personalise it? Well, the owners of this maisonette on Talbot Road thankfully ignored that advice and the results are spectacular. Everywhere you look, there are surprising splashes of colour whether it be the cherry-red glass splashback in the kitchen, the purple sofa or the green wardrobes in the master bedroom. Even the beautiful south-facing landscaped garden was a riot of colour with the rear wall painted a vibrant blue and neon pink used on the sunken patio wall. Despite all this, the result was harmonious, even soothing.

Art also featured prominently throughout the flat and often in unexpected places. JiJi’s sartorial Hi Panda was on the window sill while Jamie Reid’s serigraph for the Sex Pistol’s Never Mind the Bollocks hangs above the fireplace and Christopher Wool’s If You Don’t Like It, Get The F**k Out Of My House hangs in the dining area. Even the dining table itself features Fornasetti skeleton placemats. Both the sitting and dining areas are illuminated by two huge Sputnik-style lamps.

The maisonette was only 1,100 square feet but felt much larger thanks to the owners’ clever use of the space. A large reception diner was light and spacious while the master bedroom had a walk-in wardrobe that featured what is surely one of London’s most spectacular shoe collections. The guest bedroom also had its own bathroom cleverly carved out of the old coal bunkers under the pavements outside.

Some designers can make good use of colour while others can make good use of space. Uniquely, the owners of this maisonette did both beautifully.