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While this two-bedroom home looks characteristically “Kensington” from the outside, its interior is anything but typical. Defined by a palette of serene blues and sophisticated greys, this polished home demonstrates how cool tones can be infused with character to comprise a tranquil yet intriguing living environment. Defying common design principles, this home hangs on a simple, structural framework that leaves room for the owner’s creative flair, expressed through each carefully chosen piece of décor. The airy living quarters are a haven from the busy streets of central London, their large windows offering a seamless transition between the inside and the out.

Framed by a Crittall-style entrance that hints at the exciting interior that awaits, a spacious open-plan kitchen and reception room commands the first floor. The layout emphasises relaxation and well-being, while bright bursts of colour interrupt the rolling sea of darker hues. Eye-catching brass features in the kitchen lend an element of modernity and reflect the brightness permitted by the large windows. Challenging the boundaries of design, traditional wood furnishings, feature lighting and artwork are delicately placed alongside a contemporary dining area. The theme is one of eclectic harmony, and it completes the home.

A solid-wood parquet floor is carried throughout the room, upon which refined furnishings are softened by mish-mash cushions and rugs. A beautiful limestone fireplace set against a zellige-tiled wall serves as a welcoming focal point, promising warmth on a cold winter’s night. Geometric shapes add layers of complexity to the room, tying the singular elements together to comprise a flawless aesthetic.

An impeccably designed first-floor bathroom echoes the impressive composition of the living room/ kitchen. Resting on a marble floor, a royal-blue bathtub is matched with polished tiles. This contrast between light and dark tones accentuates other features, from the intricate golden table to the gleaming brass shower. By using thoughtful colour schemes and high-quality touchpoints, this space sets the scene for a calm yet indulgent evening soak.

Deep blues give way to refreshing greens in the generous en-suite master bedroom that is located on the second floor opposite the guest bedroom. Maintaining simplicity is essential to the uncluttered and clean layout of the space, while the earthy wooden décor instils a sense of serenity. Epitomising a botanical theme, this master bedroom offers a private and meditative zone to detox from the stress of everyday life. If this wasn’t satisfactory, the charming, decked terrace provides a breezier outdoor sanctuary to take advantage of warm summer evenings, brightened with the addition of fairy lights and flourishing greenery.