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Take a look at our past. The true spirit of Domus Nova and all we stand for.



Entering the bright halls of this two-bedroom upper maisonette is like taking a deep breath fo fresh air. The chiefly blue colour scheme is calming and reflective, embracing a more leisurely lifestyle. The unhurried setting allows you to appreciate the wonderfully whimsical nature of the furniture, adorned with intricate motifs. The beautifully tranquil and re-energising living space adopts a monochromatic theme for its structure, showcasing how the variety of tints can be fused for a balanced atmosphere. The synergy between the soothing hues and the natural light amplified by the substantial windows enhances the sense of serenity instilled by this delightful home.

The first floor is occupied by the large reception room, kitchen and bathroom for all your essential needs. The breezy reception room is flooded by natural light, increasing the dimensions through floor-to-ceiling windows that lead out onto a balcony. Neutral shades are balanced with vibrant upholstery and when paired with a marble fireplace, creates a homely atmosphere. Appreciation of abstract patterns introduce complexity and beautifully contrasts the period detailing. A whimsical mirror plays with depth and alongside the fireplace, serves as the focal point to centre the room.

Blue cabinets echo the theme of a coastal retreat in the eat-in kitchen. The high-ceilings, glass dining table and reflective stainless-steel fittings allow the light to bounce throughout the room to enlarge the space, offering considered area for new culinary adventures. The first-floor bathroom is similarly well-lit; high ceilings, a blue and white colour scheme peppered with motifs, an ornate mirror and a sizable bathtub come together to form a comforting setting.

The master bedroom with an en-suite is a leisurely refuge to recuperate from daily tension. Layers of blue invoke a sense of peace, while mirrored surfaces not only amplify the depth of the space but also add a polished touch to the room. Likewise, the guest bedroom next door encourages an easy-going routine and creates an inviting environment. The roof terrace is a delightful treat for warm summer days, whether working from home or taking a break. This refreshing, decked spot is sure to clear your mind and immerse you in the outdoors with its rolling garden views.