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Demonstrating the potential of biophilic design, Westbourne Park Road reflects the beauty of the outdoor environment by creating a cohesive design narrative accentuated with nature-themed detail. Four floors of living space come together to create a seamless transition between inside and outside while pairing a tropical theme with mid-century style furniture. Immerse yourself in the serenity of the outdoors without leaving the comfort of your sofa. Every room achieves a charismatic flair that transports you to a more tropical escape.

An earthy and neutral palette defines the mood for this inspired property. The ground floor is occupied by an expansive double reception room, where large windows and crittal-style doors add to the smooth flow between the indoors and the outdoors. Geometric lines are softened by curved furnishings and inviting upholstery.

An aspirational room that is awash with natural light, this reception room doesn’t shy away from uplifting bursts of colour. Layering subtle dark blues and greens while integrating more vibrant splashes of pink and eye-catching patterns keeps the setting fresh and calm. The space is balanced out with the greige walls and smart wooden undertones.

The rear-facing garden, framed by luscious foliage, is a secluded pocket of privacy- a rare gem in West London. Wake yourself up with a cup of coffee in the sun or wind down with wine and watch the sunset. With plenty of room for a barbecue and evening entertainment, the ground floor is both functional and stylish.

The kitchen, found on the lower ground floor, is a creative and re-energising space. The exuberant palm-leaf motifs are a backdrop to cool, dark wooden fixtures for a polished look. The booth offers a more informal dining option to the dining table in the reception room, while subtly forming zones for multifunctionality. Even the most advanced chefs will find ample storage in the kitchen, while the dining area, complete with a floral print sofa, encourages company and relaxation.

Four chic bedrooms continue the coastal trend through different design principles. The master bedroom is crisp and breezy affair; pastel colours invoke a sense of rejuvenation and tranquillity, while clean lines and organic forms contribute to its timeless appeal. The connecting walk-in wardrobe is a trendsetter’s dream. The walkway is lined with storage and leads to a sofa bed, perfect for a catwalk when trying on new clothes.

Similarly, the blush pink dual-purpose bathroom is equally as revitalising with an enviable freestanding bath serving as the focal point. Promising an indulgent spa day at home, this bathroom keeps it elegantly simple and allows the spacious and modern layout to do the talking. The adjoining terrace offers a soak with a view that will leave you inspired.

A homage to spring, the bird print and the sky-blue walls that encompass the childrens’ bedrooms brighten both spaces and add a breezy touch to the room so that it feels like an extension of the natural environment. Balanced with white furnishings, the rooms are playful yet comforting.

A tropical paradise in the heart of London, this dynamic property is whimsical yet sophisticated. Full of character and ambience, it’s a refreshing getaway that partners energetic colours with refined furniture to create harmony and rhythm, tying the home together in an island vibe.