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Polished surfaces, geometric lines and a monochrome palette merge to create an effortlessly minimalist aesthetic in this impeccable two-bedroom garden flat in Elgin Crescent. Occupying the lower ground floor of a classic Notting Hill townhouse, its period exterior juxtaposes the contemporary finish inside.

Scandinavian influences are masterfully incorporated to weave a design narrative that is endlessly sophisticated but considerately layered to retain an element of warmth. Bursts of art deco décor provide complexity but without distracting from the flawless cohesion of the home. The simplicity of this home draws attention to the detailed upholstery and the crafted artwork.

The open-plan kitchen and dining room showcases the timeless grace of contrasting colours that perfectly offset each other. The serene whites of the white walls and the marble finishes balance the dramatic deep brown fixtures and accents. Bay windows draw in natural light with a view to a small front garden while chic modern chandeliers and under-cabinet strips are sources of additional light that can play with the mood of the room.

The bookshelves are works of symmetry that serve to enhance the balance of the room. Navy velvet cocktail chairs introduce another hue for interest that carried through in the cushions, while also presenting another element of contrast through its smooth curves. The industrial flair is tempered by the soft furnishings to infuse comfort. An island cleverly breaks up the free-flowing layout to delineate zones as well as an informal dining area.

The master bedroom is the picture of refined elegance. With a statement velvet headboard and expertly layered bed, the room is clearly focused on clam and relaxation. In keeping with the neutral palette, this room uses understated hues to wrap you in a soothing atmosphere. The lamps offer a gentle glow as an alternative to the overhead recessed spotlights for a change in ambiance. Storage won’t be a problem in this room; four generous wardrobes will be a challenge to fill for most. The en-suite is a celebration of marble. The intricately patterned stone enhances the decadent feel of the simple and clean-cut bathroom.

The second bedroom echoes the first in its restrained chicness but adopts slightly brighter tones. An oversized velvet art deco headboard and two low hanging pendant chandelier lamps are the focal points of the room, with muted pinks and golds introducing more vibrant undertones. Again, the storage space in enviable, with three large wardrobes.

Both bedrooms open on to two delightful patios. Following the subdued theme, white walls and wooden slats are considerately used to establish privacy without blocking them off entirely while in built-in plant troughs provide sections for honing that green thumb.

The patios are spaces that are versatile- great for a morning cup of coffee, alfresco dining or even a quick workout. The property also has access to a communal garden, peppered with trees for plenty of shaded picnic spots.