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Modern, industrial décor and a neutral palette comprise the urbane identity if this refurbished two-bedroom garden apartment. Effortlessly chic and understated, this apartment boasts charisma and style. Deep hues paired with black metals, exposed wood floors and matte finishes form the foundations of the contemporary industrial aesthetic, a juxtaposition to its older structure. The functional, versatile spaces channel authenticity and simplistic design principles for an overall cohesive look.

The kitchen and reception space is calm and refreshing with smooth silhouettes and sturdy textures. Streamlined furnishings retain the unity of the room, while interjecting accents of colour create a dramatic flair against the grey walls. Equalizing form and function, utilitarian materials are showcased in the dining area, with leather chairs, slim metal frames and low hanging factory pendants as well as in the lounge with its brass side table and ornaments. Soft furnishings layer colour and texture for added warmth to offset the geometric lines. An unhung vintage statement mirror with intricate detail demonstrates how nuanced this aesthetic can be, juxtaposing classic elements with sleeker looks.

The open plan kitchen is well-equipped with ample storage. Shining counters, geometric shapes and chrome finishes incorporate the industrial style feel without overwhelming. On the other side of the hall is a cleverly enclosed utility with a barrel-vaulted ceiling imposing a distinctive and dignified flair. White plaster and wood are a timeless pairing and keep the space bright. Past the kitchen, nestled between the two bedroom is an office that practically uses the space.

The master bedroom and en-suite are utterly inviting. The warm burnt oranges, patterned rug and textured quilt invoke a sense of comfort and relaxation. The room is focused on recuperation and is a warm embrace after a hectic day. The room doesn’t lose its sophistication, however, with modern fixtures elevating the space. The bathroom is comprised of patterned tile, a contrast to the bedroom’s neutral walls. It’s equipped with similarly modern features and finishes that instils a harmony in the design narrative.

The communal gardens is a great escape for some much-needed rejuvenation. Access to an outdoor allows picnics on your doorstep, a scenic spot for reading or a stroll to stretch your legs. Not to mention that a connection with the environment carries immense health benefits.