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Bright, spacious and fluid, this three-bedroom property minimises barriers between spaces while amplifying the natural light. Playing to its architectural strengths, the overall aesthetic is open, airy and unified. Chic décor complements the relaxed setting, which centres around the flow of daylight throughout the home.

Two bedrooms are located on the raised ground floor; one sports an expansive sash window, allowing light to fill the space and expand its proportions. The second features a set of fresh doors that open on to a delightfully tiled terrace. Central to both rooms is the energy and comfort provided by the daylight, which bounces off the wooden floors and beds to enhance its organic texture. The colours scheme is also kept neutral, warming the rooms without detracting from the windows.

On the lower ground floor, the focal point in the reception room is a traditional marble fireplace with exposed brick that introduces a sense of hygge to a contemporary space. Muted art deco furniture establishes a space for gathering. Wood and glass panelled doors allow the light from the conservatory kitchen extension to filter through. The master bedroom sits adjacent to the lounge, with similarly generous proportions enhanced by ample sunlight. The restorative benefits of this radiant room are undeniable and achieve a high environmental quality. The rich plum shades of the carpet are echoed in the throw and cushions, implementing a cohesive layered narrative. Simple artwork and wooden accents incorporate material interest.

The kitchen-cum-dining room absorbs the benefits of the glass roof above, with its organic and polished surfaces gleaming under the sun. An island effectively assigns zones without interrupting the flow of the kitchen, while also providing an informal alternative to the ash dining table. The doors leading to the back garden slide back fully for a seamless indoor/outdoor transition. The garden is lined with verdant greenery and a stoned patio leads to an upper deck equipped with a trampoline for hours of fun. The immersive woodland feel is therapeutic after a busy day. With plenty of room for a BBQ, this versatile outdoor environment can transform to suit your needs.