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An effortless conversation between traditional and modern, this two-bedroom garden adopts a transitional approach to design infused with subtle global influences. The colourful textiles and exquisite artwork of other continents make their debut through ornaments and paintings that afford a sense of worldliness. This maisonette retains the clean lines of a modern aesthetic but doesn’t overwhelm the traditional details. Proof that design can offer the best of both worlds, this home is full of character.

The sizeable reception room is light and airy, with natural light flooding in through the full-length windows and French doors that lead to a terrace and down into a garden. Embodying principles of symmetry, this reception room is carefully arranged for balance and harmony. Simple clean-cut lines are complemented by richly textured wood. The colour palette is mostly neutral but laced with shades of deep browns and greens for depth.

Negative space is essential for striking an equilibrium between modern and traditional, keeping it streamlined but comfortable. The furnishings become the focal point as a result. The striped rug and coffee table are both cosy as well as visually engaging. The oversized sofas are plush and inviting while the patterned throws and curated artwork introduce complexity. Plants are on display throughout the space for a connection to the outdoors that is grounding and soothing. The inclusion of greenery is an ode to its immense health benefits as well as its uplifting qualities.

The old-world dining table and industrial style chairs are a unique coupling, with an edited set of shelves comprising the doorway to the kitchen. The overhead modern chandelier is a simple, elegant touch and illuminates the vibrant textiles on display behind it. In the kitchen, the palette is largely two-toned. Stylish black cabinetry contrast dramatically with the chic marble counters and backsplash, culminating in a refined space.

Downstairs, the lower ground floor is divided into two bedrooms with views to the garden. One is dedicated to raw, organic materials and a muted colour scheme. Eye-catching light fixtures such as the exposed bulbs hanging from thick woven ropes draw attention and are sustainable. Paired with the white and navy bed linen and wooden accents, they introduce an almost nautical theme. The display shelf is considerately arranged and mirrors the focus on the natural world.

The second bedroom has been turned into a nursery with bold colours contrasting that of the adjacent master bedroom. Bright yellows and African-inspired textiles form an engaging and dynamic environment. The patterns and prints are playful and lively, while the ceiling provides the soothing, calming factor for a good night’s sleep.

The back garden is an enviable spot with enough shade for a picnic, plenty of room for entertaining both family and guests and the privacy necessary for a peaceful yoga class. The leafy greens are both the perfect shelter and the picturesque surrounding, forming a rare sanctuary in the heart of London.