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 Housed within a Regency era townhouse, this three-bedroom flat exemplifies the advantages of fine lateral living. Destined for open plan living but retaining the elegant period architectural structures, this home has been refurbished to offset the traditional with the modern for an effortlessly transitional aesthetic. The enviable rear garden stretches over 40 square feet and hosts a garden office that effectively distinguishes between areas dedicated to work and leisure. Undeniably inspired, every element of this design scheme rings with harmony.

The main reception area is comprised of a kitchen, dining room and lounge. A coved ceiling, textured wallpaper and crafted cabinetry demonstrate the attention to detail that guided this refurbishment. Undercabinet lighting, sconces and floor lamps are alternative sources of illumination that can easily alter the mood and function of the space from task-oriented to relaxation. Oak paraquet floors run across the free-flowing area, occasionally interrupted by soft furnishings.

An appreciation for biophilic design manifests through materiality; wood, marble, fur, cotton, rattan coalesce with strategically placed greenery and nature-themed wall art to construct an engaging and immersive setting. The colour scheme showcases earthy hues – rich greens, oranges, reds, browns and yellows help to ground the space, echoing the natural environment for a reinvigorating atmosphere. Much of the décor pays tribute to the animal kingdom, from the ornamental sculptures to the animal paintings while the oval mirror imitates the appearance of flourishing roots. Symmetrical balance and negative space are essential to the functionality and the success of its fluid arrangement. Applying principles of layering, colour and lighting, this property excels in creating a warm and welcoming ambiance.

Three bedrooms are located in the front of the house. The master bedroom continues the yellow tones but fuses it with white for a brighter energy. Centred on cosiness with dedicated areas for productivity, this bedroom is multifunctional and easy to adapt.

The back garden is a rare gem in central London. Split-level zones enable versatility; the stoned patio is ideal for entertaining and dining while the verdant lawn is more lad-back and easy-going. A spot for a picnic, a BBQ or just a place for youngsters to tire themselves out, the potential of this garden is endless.

Distraction free and benefiting from easy access to the outdoors, the garden office is the perfect work from home space. Full length windows and doors allow for a seamless transition to the outdoors and opens the space up when the weather is warm. The colour palette echoes the motifs printed on the rugs form a dynamic environment while the sofa offers an alternative for more informal tasks. The overall effect is conducive and ergonomic.