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Take a look at our past. The true spirit of Domus Nova and all we stand for.



 A simple canvas for creative inspiration, this one-bedroom first-floor apartment has been extensively renovated. Hidden behind the quintessential period stucco-fronted façade lies an entirely refreshed interior that modifies this home for a 21st-century lifestyle. Open-plan and laid-back, functionality meets form in this stylish property.

The timeless free-flowing kitchen and reception room features marble backsplashes and smooth surfaces for a clean and uncluttered look. The unassuming framework of the space leaves room for self-expression and artistic licence The parquet flooring is warmed with the addition of a soft oversized rug and when paired with the warming yellow sofa establishes a homely atmosphere. A cosy reading nook introduces architectural novelty and is layered with soft furnishings for a tempting and comfortable corner.

The west-facing bedroom benefits from a high ceiling and an expansive sash window that floods the room with natural light. Distraction-free and unobtrusive, this space is intended for relaxation and recuperation. The bathroom is a visual sensorium; lined with hexagonal marble tiles, it immediately captures attention.

A front-facing roof terrace that overlooks a residential street sits opposite the entrance. Surrounded by a detailed cast-iron railing and appreciating the value of natural plants, the terrace is a private and inviting zone for some fresh air. A delightful garden square is also located nearby offering generous outdoor space.