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Upon setting foot in this house, our first question was, “Wow, who was your interior designer?” Imagine our pleasant surprise when we learned that it was simply our client’s great eye for design that resulted in this spectacular house. Using a palette of greys, taupes and pale blues; artwork and spectacular floral arrangements added a shock of colour. The owner was clearly a fan of trompe l’oeil, too - as evidenced by the witty wallpaper. What looks to be wooden panelling on the living room wall deserves a closer examination as does the bookshelf in the upstairs study. All is not quite what it seems.

The house was practical as well as beautiful. The recently excavated basement provided a separate annexe for a nanny or housekeeper as well as a utility room. There was ample storage in the form of bespoke wardrobes in each of the four bedrooms upstairs as well as luxuriously appointed bathrooms. The roof terrace was decked and provided a great space to soak up the sun or take in views of the Clarendon Cross area.

Those with an eye for design will also appreciate the materials used throughout. A Roger Oates stair runner was custom-made for the home as was the Corian island unit in the kitchen. Fired Earth subway tiles give a period feel to an otherwise contemporary bathroom while the bedrooms are a subtle mix of the feminine and masculine.

If the owner ever fancies a new career, a job as an interior designer surely awaits her.