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Take a look at our past. The true spirit of Domus Nova and all we stand for.



Sometimes a phoenix can rise from the flames. In the case of this flat, the building was bombed during the war so many of the original features were lost. Tragic though that is, it created a blank canvas for the owners to create a beautiful flat.

The owners are major art collectors, so unsurprisingly took inspiration from The White Cube Gallery. Everything was done to maximise the art’s impact, right down to eliminating switch plates and sockets on the walls so that nothing was in competition. Artwork adorned every wall and even the furniture itself, including an original Le Corbusier chair were pieces of art.

Despite a few conflicts with the planning authorities, the owners were eventually able to pursue their vision and “respond to the bones and follow what seemed right” to bring out the best in the flat. The couple took out walls, added glass and installed a state-of-the-art kitchen with double height units, ensuring everything could be stashed away until the moment guests arrived. We love how the owner's draw the focus to those spectacular Tom Dixon pendant lights; a brilliant addition to this pad.

Although the couple were inspired by The White Cube Gallery, colour still featured prominently. The sixties inspired sofa is upholstered in a period shade of green but adorned in up-to-the-minute Marimekko cushions. The groovy Saarinen dining table catches your attention with its vivid pink chairs, while in the bathroom, the Retro Metro tiles in Lime House from Fired Earth are a pleasing alternative from the white subway tiles that are so ubiquitous these days.

Clearly fans of bygone eras, the home is littered with vintage finds including old-school stereos, televisions and a revived walnut-wood cocktail cabinet, complete with nostalgic spirits and crystal glasses - we'll have ours shaken not stirred, thanks. With one sip of the good stuff, you'll be seeing Twiggy walk in any moment. This property is undeniably the embodiment of swinging sixties cool.

The couple were also big fans of the Bayswater location. Although originally from Notting Hill, the two came to prefer the edginess of Bayswater. Near the canal, the parks and even the Heathrow Express, they could walk to most places they needed to be. A short stroll through the park soon delivered them to galleries in Mayfair or to the Serpentine Gallery.

Said the owner, “I loved all the mews near Bayswater and Paddington. They have such a great hidden life; intimate communities that remind me of some French village halfway up a hill or out in a valley, removed from the hubbub. We had the best of that on Westbourne Terrace Mews as it was like a community but so close to everything else: London, Europe and the world.”