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Apparently Britons live in some of the smallest homes in the world. The average home in Britain is just over 800 square feet compared to 1,420 square feet in Japan, 2,170 square feet in the US and a whopping 2,310 square feet in Australia. Not only that but the average home in Britain is getting smaller, all the while homes are getting bigger elsewhere. You could argue the toss about whether this is good for society and children, but we'd be here for hours. However, what we definitely can spare time for is the appreciation of this beautiful home and how it undoubtedly serves what every family aspires to live in.

With plenty of room to play or relax, there is no way you could ever accuse this house of being cramped. It isn't just the size of the house at nearly 4,500 square feet but the beautiful proportions inside. Each of the four first floor receptions is spacious, while each bedroom is not only large but two have lavish en suite bathrooms; the other two share an ample sized bathroom between them.

The kitchen is large enough to cater to any family and there is even a gym to work off all those calories. Outside offers plenty of room for kids to go out and play and for grown ups to enjoy a glass of wine without being overlooked.

Sleek, contemporary design features throughout with an almost pared down Japanese style aesthetic. Clearly a lot of thought went into the lighting design, that features a magnificent array of contemporary light fixtures, lamps and Lutron controlled lights. In the downstairs cinema room, roughly hewn tables are juxtaposed against box sofas scattered with tactile cushions.

Judging by the exquisite cabinetry, the owners clearly had an eye for joinery. The wood grain in the master bedroom’s mahogany wardrobes is divine, as are the pale oak kitchen units.

If ever you wanted a dream family home, this would have to be it.