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A truly unique penthouse apartment, with an interior-designed style like no other.

The building’s architecture lent itself beautifully to the interior, which was contemporary and even a tad futuristic with a nod to Art Deco. The owners made a feature of the mansard roof by integrating LED lights to create a wash of light down the walls and plantation shutters, while the arch of the windows were emphasised with a curved notch out of the cornicing. In the meantime, Le Corbusier inspired chairs and sofas were matched with some very funky sculpted seats that look more like a Pop Art creation, than furniture. Moody lighting and dark finishes added to the dramatic feel, while an enviable collection of contemporary art complemented the space.

Deco chairs and tables were to be found in the dining area, complete with a recessed chandelier. An additional dining area for more intimate meals could have easily doubled as a bar. Delicate uplighting on the dark patterned wallpaper made this vast space feel cosy, although the large orchid in a huge planter was there to remind us of this flat’s gargantuan proportions (the lounge space totalled an astonishing 1,350 square feet!)

The bedrooms were every bit as sensual as the rest. Leather panels housed a television in the master bedroom, while the four poster bed’s circular detail was echoed in the hand-tufted rug. Dark leather, ochre shades and Wenge flooring added to the drama in the other generously sized bedrooms. The landlord also informed us that in-wall heating pads were installed in the bathroom, while state-of-the-art technology including a Crestron Control System and integrated audio visual systems were incorporated throughout.

If ever there was a home of the future, this would have to be it.