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Take a look at our past. The true spirit of Domus Nova and all we stand for.



Estate agents often boast about a property having a ‘host of original features’ when all it really has is an old fireplace or two. This ground and lower-ground floor flat on Pembridge Square, however, really lives up to the description. It’s set in a stunning Italianate villa in the heart of Bayswater, with a Victorian exterior that has more gingerbread trim than a branch of Konditor & Cook. The interior is a feast for the eyes, too, with lavish plaster cornicing, original panelling and ornate ceilings. To describe the proportions as ‘grand’ is an understatement as the floor-to-ceiling windows allow light to stream into the reception and dining rooms.

The flat provided such a magnificent backdrop that you would think little needed to be done to it. However, the danger with such a vast space is that it can feel cavernous. Fortunately, the owner’s eye for decoration was as astute as his eye for property. Very subtly he made it appear effortlessly stylish even though considerable thought went into the design. Oversized chairs were arranged around a massive coffee table, while the dining table comfortably sat ten. It was furniture but simply scaled up to match the proportions of this huge flat. In fact, look carefully and you’ll see that there were no wasted spaces despite it being such a large property. Each room had a defined purpose.

Colour was also used judiciously. A striking blue and white rug complements the Picasso-inspired art on the walls and the inlaid wood desk. Clearly taking note of the old adage that ‘books decorate a room’, a sleek bookshelf displays a selection of literature that add another injection of colour, as does the carefully edited collection on the coffee table.

One of our favourite rooms was the kitchen with its Sub-Zero fridge and Miele ovens and pear wood cabinetry. Thick granite worktops provided plenty of space to prepare for the largest of dinner parties.


The final result was a flat that was as stylish as a boutique hotel. Simply put, this beautiful home was grand in both senses of the word.