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We are always pleased when a client tells us their home was designed by Stephen Fletcher. He’s one of our favourite architects, and we know that the specifications and attention to detail will be outstanding. As the owner of this flat in Stanley Crescent put it, the people who renovated the property were ‘craftsmen, not just builders’.

The first thing that stood out was the custom-made joinery throughout. Seen in the bookcases in the living room, the wide door frames, the closets and the matching cabinetry in the kitchen, the graining was exquisite. The vendor was clearly delighted. ‘There isn’t one fiddly space in the flat – every inch is put to use in a clever way. Not only did I get an entire wall of custom wardrobes, but my husband has a panelled dressing room, too. Even the wine glasses are happy – Stephen created a floor-to-ceiling, walnut-lined stemware cupboard for them, and then there’s the pantry to house all my kitchen appliances.’

That said, Stephen Fletcher had a great flat to work with. Its corner aspect meant it was flooded with natural light, and the high ceilings allowed for huge windows measuring more than two and half metres tall. The doorway lintels were raised to let in even more light. The proportions were on a par with those of a grand house and even the vendor was unsure at times: when the ceiling lights were delivered, she thought their size was more appropriate to Heathrow Terminal 5. Once installed, however, they proved to be a perfect fit.

The renovations weren’t just about aesthetics, either. The master bathroom features a massive walk-in shower with two mega-flows, ensuring constant hot water and water pressure. The kitchen has a built-in hot and cold water tap and a showstopping Falcon range cooker.

We are fortunate to come across a lot of talented architects. With this flat, Stephen Fletcher’s talents really shone through.
Despite Stephen's architectural interventions, it seems though that the owners fell in love with the property the first moment they saw it, "In 1995. I viewed almost 40 properties before seeing this one and knew it was the one the moment I walked in. I was living in sunny Los Angeles when the entertainment studio I was working for transferred me to London. I wanted as much light as possible. It wasn’t until I saw this flat that I realised how clever it was to live on a corner. The light is spectacular because of the double aspect, combined with large windows and high ceilings."