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Art Deco is a beautiful style but many find it difficult to live with. They take an ‘all or nothing’ approach and either follow it slavishly or simply admire it from afar. The vendors of this beautiful family home, however, found simple ways of incorporating it without making the property feel like a museum piece. In the main sitting room, deco-inspired chairs face onto a glossy black coffee table while in the corner, the ebony theme was continued with a deco-inspired floor lamp. As a playful touch, an antique tin car became a focal point in front of the marble fireplace.

A more casual seating area was to be found upstairs with a comfortable sofa featuring a fun Union Jack cushion, a striking piece of artwork with ‘Circus’ emblazoned across it and bunting along the walls. A Gliss 2 ACR tub chair in yellow acrylic enlivened the master bedroom, adding a splash of colour to an otherwise monochrome scheme. Perhaps the most remarkable room, though, was the open-plan kitchen diner. With its glass roof flooding the space with natural light, it looked like the perfect place for a family meal. That said, you could easily see that after dark, it would lend itself equally well to a chic dinner party.

The house itself was in an enviable location just off Westbourne Grove. The quiet turning was within a stone’s throw of Royal Oak tube station, the Westway and the Heathrow Express station at Paddington but we cannot imagine any owner would be keen to leave.

Perhaps the greatest thing about this house is that although it is a family home, the owners embraced the contemporary and even indulged their passion for Art Deco rather than succumb to the pressure to opt for a traditional aesthetic. Just because kids come along doesn’t mean design principles have to be tossed out with the proverbial bath water.