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Unique. Eclectic. Individual. Quirky. We almost run out of superlatives to describe this incredible flat on Harrow Road in Kensal Rise. Someone with less vision would have probably looked at this space with its dull metal staircase and awkwardly shaped roof and walked away. Fortunately the owner of this flat was not deterred. Perhaps it is because he is a prominent photographer that he can find the beauty in ordinary objects or see opportunities where most of us just see blank space. Whatever the reason, Simon Upton utterly transformed this space into a place that was magical.

At every turn was something to intrigue the senses or delight the eye. As you made your way up the stairs, dangling over a Saarinen tulip chair was a massive Asian gong. Just beyond was a Greek bust. Heading further up the stairs you passed a collection of umbrellas and African pieces, while the staircase itself was a cornucopia of art, garden objects, sculptures, antlers and even an overmantle. The scene was just as diverse upstairs in the dining area. Traditional Georgian dining chairs were covered in ikat fabric. Skulls and more antlers vied for space on the wall behind while the open-plan kitchen and seating area was a mishmash of Saarinen and Jacobsen chairs, Chinese wardrobes and Tudor antiques. It was a collection of items from all around the world but expertly blended with soothing earth tones that harked back to the African influences.

The mezzanine level served as the bedroom and it’s no surprise that this was anything but conventional. The bed wasn’t so much a four-poster as hidden inside a massive tent. The office had everything one would need but still managed to look like organised chaos. The books arranged by colour were a nice touch.

It was truly one of our most memorable properties. We cannot wait to see what this creative genius does to his next home.