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Take a look at our past. The true spirit of Domus Nova and all we stand for.



It’s creepy and it’s kooky, mysterious and spooky but probably one of the best properties we’ve ever taken on, the undoubtedly perfect home for Halloween. To be honest, it was less Addams Family and more Alexander McQueen: edgy, anti-establishment with a hint of the gothic. Sharon Osbourne's ultimate lair. Ethnic art was juxtaposed with found objects and possibly the most stylish aquarium we’ve ever encountered. It helped that the flat itself had a great mix of floor-to-ceiling windows, ornate fireplaces and hand-built joinery. It provided the perfect backdrop for the owner’s incredible art collection that included Egyptian artefacts and some incredible Damien Hirsts.

Taxidermy is not something we often come across in London but the owner made it his own with an astonishing collection of zebra rugs, elk and moose antler chandeliers, fox throws and a very friendly looking reindeer mount in the guest bedroom. The owner clearly wasn’t a member of PETA.

Despite the quirkiness, the owner cleverly tempered this with more traditional objects. The Clive Christian kitchen was simply stunning. It was so beautiful that you’d hardly want to mess it up by preparing a meal there, even though it was designed to cater for a crowd. The bathroom was beautifully fitted with antique nickel fixtures and a roll-top bath. We were particularly enamoured with the mahogany Ralph Lauren sleigh beds in the guest bedroom. Rough hewn-wood panelling in the bathroom was like something straight out of Africa.

The lateral flat is located on the doorstep of Pembridge Square and in perhaps the area's most sought-after mansion building, close to Notting Hill Gate and Kensington Gardens, not to mention two very good schools… though perhaps this flat was better suited for slightly older occupants.