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Within a beautiful period building in Maida Vale sits this property which has been fully renovated and reworked – the project was completed in 2012 by k-studio Architects.

The architect’s brief was to increase the usable area and transform the space into a unique and modern family home. The result is a larch-clad ‘box’, designed and constructed by the architect, which revolutionised the mechanisms and living behaviour throughout.

“A flexible layout allows an apartment to accommodate multiple functions within limited space, adapting to the daily needs and mood of the inhabitants while maintaining a uniform design attitude” - k-studio Architects

The original staircase had to be subsequently moved back to open up the living space, while the kitchen was brought forward to be enclosed within the box. The box opens to the living area, creating a sociable atmosphere, but when closed it cleverly tidies away any kitchen activity to instantly remove it from the space.

Resolving any awkwardness of the original layout and introducing a palette of soft, neutral colours and natural materials such as wood and stone, the property has been instantly updated with elegant simplicity.

By combining the kitchen with the dining and sitting areas, the overall space of the living area increases while also allowing immense natural light from the front windows to flood throughout. In addition, it also closes off the private zone of the home, incorporating two guest bedrooms and a shared bathroom, comfortably behind the kitchen on the rear façade of the building.


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