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'Forces of Nature' - 19 greek street

11th Mar 2014

Domus Nova Blog Image

The force that moves your fingers is the same force that makes you dream. It’s the force that opens a flower, moves the wind, and creates a tornado. There is only one living being...

Running from 13 March to 28 April 2014, 19 greek street's 'Forces of Nature' will showcase works by seven visionary designers, sharing an optimistic view on the future of design. Reflecting on the importance of sustainability, these designers have turned to highly renewable and abundantly available natural resources to develop future-friendly approaches to shaping design for the future.

From Japan, designer Takuya Hamajima used sand-rock from his family’s backyard to create the seat of his U-Stool, and a natural rusting process to create the frame.

Sunsill, an innovative solution to redirect sunlight indoors by London-based designer Lucy Norman, reduces the reliance on electric lights.

Originally from the Netherlands yet living in London, Merel Karhof introduces 'Windworks' - a collection of upholstered furniture pieces of which the wood, upholstery, dyeing and knitting of the yarn are all made with a free and inexhaustible energy source: the wind. Karhof manufactures all her pieces in her 'Wind Knitting Factory’, a wind-powered knitting machine with blades that measure more than a meter in diameter where the wind is caught by the blades to power the ‘mill’. Karhof developed this machine herself back in 2010.

Nir Meiri's project is inspired by sand. Despite their apparent fragility, Meiri's sand bulbs are sturdy where their strength partners with that of the fixture’s metal pole. The project maintains an environmental aspect where the light bulbs used are energy saving LED bulbs, and sand – the product’s main material – is a natural resource that can be used and re-used without harming the environment.

Mauricio Affonso’s Luffa Acoustic Tiles, made from the Luffa plant uses the fruits highly absorbent nature to create an acoustic insulator as well as an absorber of toxic dye waste from denim processes.

Finally, Blakebrough+King's Ben Blakebrough and Sarah King are part of Supercyclers, an ever growing collective of designers focused on building a sustainable future, and transforming perceptions of waste materials through the design of products and furniture. 'The Natural Grain Kite' stool is a supercycled delight that grew from a desire to create a mold using a classic shape, in this case their own classic aluminium Kite Stool. The mold is stuffed with food by-products - wheat straw and rice straw - that are compressed into a two-tonne press to form a biodegradable chair or side table whose graphic form contains its original composition.

Creative Director, Marc Péridis says of the exhibition - “We must constantly challenge our ways of thinking about design and resourcefulness. Previously developed processes should merely be a guide for our practise. It is our responsibility to ensure we are doing everything we can to use the earth’s most abundant resources to their fullest potential.”

Together, these tasteful, daring and highly experimental works create an intelligent landscape; an optimistic approach to what lies ahead for design and sustainability.

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19 greek street on Domus Nova's Design Guide.

Forces of Nature [13 March - 28 April 2014] at 19 greek street, 19 Greek Street, London W1D;