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Cobogo House by Studio MK27 - Sao Paulo, Brazil

4th Jul 2014

Domus Nova Blog Image

Though the weather is undeniably dreamy at the moment, it’s unfortunate that living in London probably means you don’t have 'the' summer home to match – we’re thinking lush lawns, swimming pools and entirely open-plan living, rather than hot tarmac and sweltering tubes. And so, it’s hardly a surprise that when we came across the Cobogó House we quite literally went weak at the knees, wishing we could trade places to hang out at this awesome space…

Located in São Paulo, the Cobogó House is a single-family residence designed by legendary Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan of Studio MK27. The property was impressively nominated in the House category for an award at the 2011 World Architecture Festival.

Dominated by cooling whites [the plaster exterior] and hot burnt-orange [vertical wooden planks], the exterior is beautifully contrasting. The effect appears to continue to ground level to form the surrounding garden fence, while opposite is a pervious mesh screen that parallels the structure’s outer wall. The feature can be slid along a track to open or closed to protect the interior spaces from the intense Brazilian sunlight.

A complete surprise is the outdoor veranda roof that provides incredible elevated views of the sculpted lake, green lawns and trees below. The structure was designed by Austrian-American Erwin Hauer who, since 1950, has conceived and made sculptures for architectural space. Formed by a continuous and modular brise-soleil where interwoven loops appear to organically continue. The high-gloss white material used creates a series of penetrations that allow a dappled lighting effect to filter into and naturally illuminate the second-floor corridor. Throughout the days and throughout the months, the hollowed-out elements take on different forms with the incidence of the sun. At night, the patterned ‘box’ creates the illusion of a glowing jewel box when lit by the inner bedroom’s lighting.

On the ground floor, the living room connects completely with the garden which contains a small artificial lake. The biological balance of the pool is maintained by fish and plants, without having to introduce the use of chemical products against the environment. This small environmental thought is one of many that infiltrates Studio MK27’s entire project which has incorporated sustainable principals throughout. In the house, there is a great attention to reduce water consumption, use recycling systems, energy-efficient devices, solar heating plaques and the reorganisation of the construction from the start to minimise any impacts towards the environment. This paired with architecture that recognises and respects the local climate has resulted in a house having excellent and perhaps unrivalled inner comfort.

Co-Architects: Renata Furlanetto and Diana Radomysler
Interiors: Diana Radomysler
Collaborators: Gabriel Kogan, Fernando Falcon, Fabiana Cyon, Mariana Simas & Oswaldo Pessano
Photographer: Nelson Kon

Studio MK27;