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Rosie & Ant - The Camberwell Kitchen

13th Aug 2014

Domus Nova Blog Image

What started as a simple supper club run by Rosie and her fiancé Ant has exploded overnight and become the hottest food name on people’s lips. Voted by The Guardian as one of the UK’s top-five supper clubs, The Camberwell Kitchen is a 100%-free supper club that’s cooking up a storm in Rosie and Ant’s own south-east London flat...

What inspired you to start a career in food?
R: We both have careers separate from the supper club. I’m in my last year at King's College London, studying to become a nutritionist and dietician. From being diagnosed with coeliac disease at a young age and having to follow a strict gluten-free diet for life, I’ve always been interested in food and health. I started my blog [] a year ago after realising there’s a common misconception that gluten-free means healthy. Though the industry is booming, packaged gluten-free foods are highly processed with refined sugar and flour. I’m passionate about cooking tasty food that’s local, seasonal and full of colour and variety.

What’s your relationship – how did you two meet? 
R & A: We're actually recently engaged! We met at Leeds University almost eight years ago.

Where did you learn your trade?
R & A: We both eat out a lot, read as much as we can about food and most importantly we're always trying out new recipes.

What do you each bring to The Camberwell Kitchen?
R: Ant is a real carnivore. He loves sourcing high quality, local meat and fish from the amazing suppliers around us in south-east London. He is also extremely good at the business side of things, which is a godsend. I’m usually pretty organised but can have moments of scattiness, so Ant keeps me in line.
A: Rosie is really amazing at creating new vegetable-based dishes that I would never have thought of. She's very good at making healthy food taste delicious.

Who is the coolest person you’ve cooked for? 
R & A: We cooked at Jessie Ware's hen-do in the clock tower of St Pancras station which was really good fun.

What’s been your career highlight?
R & A: We’ve been blown away by the feedback we’ve received. It’s amazing to see people come back, as you know they’ve really enjoyed themselves. The 40 tickets for our pop-up brunch sold out in three minutes which we were really chuffed by.

What inspires you? 
R: Simple things like coming across an ingredient I haven’t used for a while, my friend’s cooking, a meal in a restaurant, blogs and books.
A: Eating out is probably one of my biggest inspirations, or trying to cook dishes and put my own twist on something I've eaten.

If you had one day left on earth, what would you eat?
R: Sesame-seared tuna with a roasted aubergine salsa.
A: A roast with all the trimmings. Probably roast beef.