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Ace Hotel London for London Design Festival

16th Sep 2014

Domus Nova Blog Image

We went last night and to say we were impressed is an understatement....

Ace Hotel London Shoreditch, one of our favourite east hangouts, will be a central destination during London Design Festival as Shoreditch Design Triangle’s official hub location and host to a series of design-focused installations and activities including Italy-based communication research centre, Fabrica, who will present ‘Extra-Ordinary Gallery’, a study of ordinary things, in the hotel’s reception retail space. Designed by a team of young product designers, graphic designers, architects and illustrators and entirely made in Italy, these objects are all reinterpretations of daily rituals that are made special through consideration and attention to detail. The objects will be displayed in a modular system of shelves and windows and in the vitrine cases visible from the street and all products will be available for purchase during the week.

The selected pieces include Bu! by Federico Floriani, a metal wire wall organiser inspired by the decorative door railings of southern Italian heritage, and High-wire, a series of hanging baskets by UK designer Kirsty Minns that have shifted shapes from their recognised ordinary to offer a contemporary twist.

From France, designer Sam Baron has created Blank Page, a wall clock made of metal sheet, portrayed as a simple white sheet of A4 with one folded corner to create a shadow and lift it from the wall it will be placed, and the credit card holder, Bling, adorned in gold to re-express the value of money that is lost in the use of a credit card.

Japanese designer Ryu Yamamoto has created the geometric wireframe sculpture Chloris for the Gallery, made of marble and metal which functions as a vase. Chloris creates a spatial ambiguity, which reveals the stem to show the beauty of the flower’s lifecycle. French designer Charlotte Juillard has created luxury dumbbells Hercules, out of marble and stone, which can also be used as a paperweight.

Portuguese designers Catarina Carreiras and Mariana Fernandes have worked together to create Graphite, a collection of monochrome stationary. The collection highlights the dialogue between paper and thinking, expressed through the contrasting black and white. Carreiras has also created Sombra, a metallic shelf for Extra-Ordinary Gallery. The simple shelf casts interesting shadows to punctuate a white wall. Carreiras also presents Quadro, a frame that draws a surface for everything and anything for the Gallery. The frame is made of a simple metal structure, with small black magnets for holding notes or pictures. Mariana Fernandes also exhibits the cushion series, Blot. Blot references a stain as an artistic symbol, absorbed by the cushion as a domestic canvas to celebrate the painting process.

The Italian designer Giorgia Zanellato presents two further pieces for Extra-Ordinary Gallery, the Vanity Affair mirror and paperweights Pinco Panco. Vanity Affair is a vanity mirror nested in a geometrical structure of metal wire, which gives an architectural and decorative presence to the simple mirror. The paperweights, Pinco Panco, are reminiscent of artisanal tools, giving an intuitive sense to how they should be held. Pinco Panco is made of stone, marble and the handles are made of wood.

On The Rocks, by Italian designer Federico Floriani is a tribute to the traditional way of chilling drinks. On The Rocks uses real stone geometrically cut, which do not dilute your drink. Solifer is a collection of glass vases by French designer Margaux Keller. The glasses can be hung or stood, with unique forms accentuate its contents. Giorgia Zanellato will also present another glassware piece, Prêt à Boire, a carafe or vase, which is made of a metal wire structure to suspend and support the base and act as an unconventional handle. Dean Brown, the Scottish designer has created Dilemma, an uncertain table piece that can be used for carrying fruit or as a cake plate. The piece is acknowledging the personal dilemma of indulgence, or healthy eating: to alternative ways to enjoy food.

Ace Hotel London Shoreditch felt like the right place for Fabrica to exhibit its first daily objects collection designed by young international upcoming designers, produced in Italy. We have enjoyed a long standing relationship with Ace and we share a passion and commitment for creativity which rests at the heart of both brands. For this project, we briefed the team of designers to analyse our habits with an everyday, humble object – be it something found in the home or something used on a daily basis and reimagine the object through a design detail, bringing an extra-ordinary touch." Sam Baron, Design Director, Fabrica.

Kelly Sawdon, Partner & Chief Brand Officer, Ace Hotel comments “In everything we do, we try to celebrate and collaborate with the people who inspire us, so it's exciting to be the Hub for this year's Shoreditch Design Triangle during London Design Festival. It's a great opportunity to engage with the creative community and to nurture local and emerging design talent.”

Ace Hotel London Shoreditch, 100 Shoreditch High Street, London E1;