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Jakob Munk - Butchers & Bicycles

16th Apr 2015

Domus Nova Blog Image

Butchers & Bicyles, established in 2013, represents a new era of urban cargo biking. Based in Copenhagen, it was founded by three design engineers: Morten Wagener, Morten Mogensen and Jakob Munk. Jakob trained at the Institute for Architecture & Design at the University of Aalborg in 2003, and in the course of his career has worked behind the scenes for a number of well-known Danish and international brands.


Jakob, describe the concept of Butchers & Bicycles...
Butchers & Bicycles creates transportation bikes intended to change the lives of the families who own them. Our first-ever product was a leaning three-wheeled cargo bike that rides just like a normal bike, but with room for children and groceries in the front box.

Where’s home for you in Copenhagen?
An apartment in an old motorcycle factory from the 1950s in an area of Copenhagen called Frederiksberg. It’s a wonderful place with lots of atmosphere and daylight; two essentials for my family.

How did you get involved in design?
Ever since I could hold a pencil, I have been drawing all kinds of things. I think the need to create something originates from these years and it was only a matter of me choosing to be an architect or a designer - I chose the latter, and I’m pretty sure I made the right choice.

What has been your career highlight?
Undoubtedly, the succesful launch of Butchers & Bicycles in 2013.

How do you spend your weekends in Copenhagen?
With my family preferably. Being part of a start-up company is sometimes time consuming and so I prioritise my wife and two children a lot over the weekends. We are frequent visitors of the parks, beaches and playgrounds all over the city, and we always take our cargo bike, since we don’t own a car.

What would you be doing if you weren’t involved with Butchers & Bicyles?
I don’t know - I can’t imagine that at the moment. But I would probably do something very similar.

What’s your hobby?
Before getting involved in Butchers & Bicycles, I had time to play quite a lot of golf, which has been my passion for 25 years now. But now I have other priorities, so apart from cooking, which I love, I can’t find the time for hobbies at the moment.

How will you spend the summer?
My family and I will be in Denmark, for the first time in many years. We’ll take a couple of weeks in a small summer cottage on the west coast. It’s a lovely and very unspoilt place surrounded by the elements. 

How do you relax?
Spending time outdoors; nothing relaxes me more than the smells and sounds of nature.

What’s your favourite Copenhagen drinking spot?
It has to be Lidkoeb in an area called Vesterbro. You won’t find a better place for a stylish and cosy Nordic atmosphere.


Where do you eat in Copenhagen?
Restaurant Höst is a favourite because I was involved in creating this restaurant in my previous career - it will always be a special place for me to visit. A new restaurant called UFORMEL is another place I would recommend anyone visiting Copenhagen.

What is your favourite Danish brand?

Maybe a cliché but LEGO is a perfect example of how a simple idea can turn into something meaningful for generations of people across the globe. It is impressive how they have managed to survive through decades with computers, iPads and Playstations changing the definition of “play” completely.

Who is your Danish artist of choice?
I am a big fan of Kasper Eistrup, who is probably more known as the lead singer in legendary Danish rock band Kashmir. His artwork is inspirational, impressive and fascinating, and he deserves as much credit for his brilliant art as he gets for his music. 

Copenhagen aside, what other European city could you live in?
I’m a big fan of Berlin and so it would be there, or perhaps even Barcelona.

What’s your favourite word in the Danish language?
"Lykke"  / "Happiness" - it's what it’s all about.

Where do you go to feel inspired?

I travel to other countries where people do things differently, or I go to an art museum like Louisiana, north of Copenhagen.


Butchers & Bicycles, Slagtehusgade 5A, 1715 Copenhagen V, Denmark;