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Mark Anthony - Mark Anthony's

2nd Sep 2013

Domus Nova Blog Image

Dynamic, positive and motivated are the three words that best describe Mark Anthony. He exudes enthusiasm and determination and has turned his passion into something tangible with his flagship studio on the corner of Ossington Street and Moscow Road. Mark Anthonys  a bespoke gym with state-of-the-art equipment, so it’s no surprise that it has attracted some of the best personal trainers around.Heading up the team of world-class instructors, Mark knows what it takes to achieve the highest levels of health and fitness, and has been helping clients achieve their goals for more than 14 years. He is passionate about his job – and it shows.

The gym offers exclusive 24-hour club membership (which gym bunnies may know is hard to find in London) on top of personal training monthly subscriptions, private consultations and six-week body plans. One package that sets it apart is the VIP Body System, a fitness plan that’s tailored around each individual’s schedule and includes chauffeur-driven pick up and drop off, an intensive body conditioning and weight loss programme, and all meals delivered fresh to your door. We caught up with Mark to find out what drives him…

So Mark, what’s the idea behind Mark Anthony's?
It’s all about offering a first-class personal training service using proven methods which I’ve learned during 15 years in the fitness industry. I started at the bottom and worked my way up.

How did Mark Anthony's come about?
By building a reputation and becoming the best trainer in London.

What differentiates Mark Anthony's from other bespoke gyms?
Attention to detail, great staff and great trainers; we treat our clients as family.

What’s the most popular piece of equipment?
The Technogym Vario.

And the most popular class?
Our TRX class is very popular.

How big are your classes?
We have eight people per class.

When are the quietest and busiest times?
Quietest is August when everyone’s away on holiday. The busiest times are June and September.

What’s your favourite part of the gym?
All of it! But I do specially love the first-floor movement area as it’s bright and beautiful.

Are you a big team at Mark Anthony's?
We are now; we’ve got 20 people here! All of them are professional and loyal – I only employ the best.

Are there any products you sell at the gym that you particularly recommend?
My Body Trainer – you can perform every exercise in the comfort of your own home with this bit of kit. Also Remove, a fat-burning formula that you mix with water. It’s amazing for rapid weight loss, and it tastes delicious!

Why did you open on Ossington Street?
I had a strong client list in Holland Park so I had to be careful not to move too far. Ossington Street is in Notting Hill, so it’s close to Holland Park, Bayswater and Hyde Park.

What do you love about Notting Hill?
It’s amazing, cosmopolitan, funky and very cool. We’ve been here for three years now.

What inspired you to open a gym?
I wanted a challenge. Opening the gym has inspired me to do other entrepreneurial developments within the fitness industry.

How often do you exercise?
Every day. Running, cycling, skipping and heavyweight training all form part of my weekly schedule.

Weather permitting, would you exercise outside or stay in the gym?
I’d stay in the gym, because it’s a designated area for working out. When you enter the gym, you know what it’s all about, especially with a personal trainer as you have a set appointment. Also, exercising outside can be tricky because of the terrain.

Does working in a gym make you careful about what you eat?
Yes – it’s all about lifestyle. Diet and nutrition work hand-in-hand with exercise; learning about food and how it can help your health, mental and physical state.

What’s a typical day’s food for you?
Organic Greek yogurt with honey and chopped walnut and pistachios for breakfast; tomato, mozzarella and avocado for lunch; fish and steamed broccoli for dinner. I also drink three protein shakes and three litres of water a day.

We’re always told hydration is key with body conditioning. Is there a way to calculate how much each individual should drink each day?
It’s easier to say you should consume two litres a day. If you are carrying water retention, I would up this to three litres a day.

What do you think of the coconut water craze?
Coconut water is isotonic, so it’s a great way to hydrate your body post-exercise.

What meal would you recommend before working out to give maximum energy without piling on the pounds?
Try consuming a small amount of pure organic apple juice for an energy-boosting natural power hit before exercise.

What other projects are you working on?
We’re working on a new personal training studio in Mayfair, and my budget gym operation, Rush, is expanding rapidly – I plan to open five in the next six months. We’re also developing a new clothing range and a new group fitness concept.

Where’s your next holiday?
A break to Mexico. I train every day while I’m away.

What’s your favourite local hang-out after work?
The Electric Cinema.

Your drink of choice?
A glass of red wine.

What are you reading?
Dan Brown`s Inferno.

Where do you live?

Describe yourself in three words
Dynamic, positive, motivated.

What can’t you live without?

Is there an item you’ve got your eye on for your work-out wardrobe?
Jawbone wristband.

Is there any new equipment you’re excited about?
Technogym Artis. With this you can receive your workout stats immediately after you finish, sent direct to your iPad!

What are the top three songs on your work-out playlist?
Paradise by Coldplay; Turn Me On by David Guetta ft Nikki Minaj; Wild Ones by FloRida.

What’s the best thing about running your own gym?
You are in charge of directing the business in the right way. I have learnt over the years that attention to detail is critical for success.

What separates Mark Anthony's from other bespoke gyms?
Attention to detail, great staff and great trainers; we treat our clients as family.

When you’re really not in the mood, what do you find motivates you to get in the gym?
When I was young I remember how hard my mother worked to give us a roof over our head and food if I felt tired. I simply think about her as she was my hero. So what inspired me? The ability to work even harder and to never give up.


Mark Anthony's, 57 Ossington Street, London W2;