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N Studio

2nd May 2017

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N Studio is a team of interior and architectural specialists with more than 20 years of expertise and experience. The studio is uniquely positioned within the umbrella of Northacre, London’s leading luxury property developer which enables the team to provide unrivalled technical and project management capabilities across every scale of project.

One of their latest projects, Prince Edward Mansions is now for sale through Domus Nova so no better time than now to learn more about them as designers…

What are the core principles N Studio approaches architecture and design with?

N Studio’s approach across architecture and design ensures that each project is seen from the start as a one-off and should be handled as something unique with its own story. Consistent qualities of projects include timeless elegance, the use of organic materials and unique pieces, clever space optimisation to create a sense of grand volume and sensitive revival of the historic architectural elements.

Who or what influences your design decisions?

First and foremost, the character of the site; each location and every building tells a different story. For us, a project is a success when the interior feels as irreplaceable as the exterior.

What is your general rule of thumb when it comes to a predominantly lateral space such as Prince Edward Mansions? How is a multistoried townhouse different?

Lateral living is becoming increasingly popular amongst our clients who value its practicality and security. The most important aspect of configuring lateral space well is to ensure that the principles of a grand traditional house are still applied, with the sense of arrival and journey through the rooms – providing privacy and identity. At Prince Edward Mansions, the layout of the Penthouse had not been changed since the Edwardian era. It was important from the outset that we re-imagined the space with the practicalities of modern family living in mind, while showcasing the period features and sense of light. A multistoried townhouse today requires careful consideration on how to open up the space to ensure as much light as possible and creation of practical spaces for the modern tastes of today.

The living / dining room is a wonderful, large space. Tell us how it came together, and what steered the accent colour choices.

With the room’s location at the heart of the property and benefiting from light flooding into the space we wanted to make it the corner stone of the family’s experience at home. The dimensions of the room mean that full-height panelling creates a sense of grandeur rather than closing it in. We connected an adjoining dining room to provide an impressive entertaining space when required and with such dimensions, features like the beautiful fumed oak herringbone flooring can really be appreciated.

Now that the space is complete, what is your favourite thing about it?

We were really pleased with the outcome of the master bedroom. The scheme stemmed from us wanting something that would be an interesting, but not overwhelming, backdrop to the bed. We commissioned a hand-painted wallpaper from Fromental. Its fluid design and calm colours are a perfect addition to the scheme and serve to open up the space, drawing your eye around the horizon in the pattern and the entirety of the room. The pair of antique mirrors was a great find at an antiques fair and sit very well against it.

What is more important to you – practicality or aesthetic?

You need both: it is impossible to have a successful project without a perfect balance of the two.

How much does a building’s original, exterior architecture influence your interiors?

Very much – the architecture and location of a new scheme is the first thing we analyse as a team. This research always provides invaluable insight and inspiration to inform the scheme as it progresses.

What do you see happening in the future for architecture and design – and what will that mean for N Studio?

The demand for the bespoke – be it carefully selected objects, furniture or artworks to one-of-a-kind floorboards or handcrafted wallpaper – the modern day consumer is increasingly looking for one of a kind and exclusivity. This is something that N Studio excels at and constantly carrying through with all our clients. A rise in demand for the original stems from a growing confidence in homeowners, who are embracing colour, pattern and one-off creations translated throughout their homes, supporting their own individualism.

N Studio; 

Instagram: @nstudiolondon