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Ibiza Bohemia - Assouline

12th Jun 2017

Domus Nova Blog Image

Many who have been to Ibiza might tell you that its spirit is impossible to capture: You need to go there, meet the people, try the paella, or dance amongst the drummers at Benirras to truly understand what Ibiza means and what it means to BE there. Until recently, we might have agreed, but then along came our friends, Renu Kashyap and Maya Boyd with their game-changing book, Ibiza Bohemia.

This monolith of a book is Assouline’s latest title, and a winning addition to their repertoire of beautiful coffee table books. Short of providing a plane ticket to the island, it creates an unbelievably tangible account of Ibiza that will transport readers directly into the experiences of everyone featured; a collection of Ibiza residents whose love for their island radiates from every page. As though the words are written with the salt water of the Balearic Islands and the pages bound in hippie market straw, Ibiza Bohemia is as much a representation of Ibiza as the creatives behind it.

We were incredibly honoured to support Renu and Maya as they introduced their book to a delighted audience of family, friends and Ibiza enthusiasts at Maison Assouline in London – we couldn’t think of a more exquisite setting for such an exquisite publication. Assouline’s flagship store in Piccadilly is home to Swans Bar and a treasure trove of gorgeous books whose spines and covers line the walls of the grand room like bricks and mortar.

The evening began with a casual conversation between Renu and Maya, where stylist Renu described her discovery of Ibiza, her transition there from hectic Amsterdam and how she had chosen to celebrate its hallmark hippie-chic atmosphere. She thanked the island for the positive role it had taken in her life and declared that this book was ultimately her love letter to Ibiza. She has worked incredibly hard and diligently over the past few years, wishing to do justice to the place that she and so many others are devoted to.

Oh so carefully curated, Renu’s collection of photographs and quotes tell the story of artists, creatives and musicians, which alongside Maya’s brilliant foreword, forms an epic chronicle of Ibiza dating all the way back to 654BC. We were lucky enough to hear Maya read a few excerpts from the book, including her rather spot-on impression of Joni Mitchell’s allusion to Ibiza, immortalised in the lyrics of her 1971 song, California (ironically). Maya read with a warmth that revealed plenty about her history with Ibiza. Having spent countless summers with her father there in the late 60s, she has since returned to live there twice – once in her twenties, and more recently with her family. Having moved back to London this year, she assured us Ibiza would be her home again in the future.

Second to the book of course, nothing was more of tribute to Ibiza than the crowds of people who came to show their support at its launch. The atmosphere was electric with the feeling of genuine elation at Renu and Maya’s success; it was a testament to the positive attitude illustrated from cover to cover of their book. It seems Renu and Maya picked up on the good vibes, and maintained glowing smiles the whole way throughout the book signing.

For both Renu and Maya, Ibiza Bohemia is a passion project – so much so that you can’t help but empathise as you flick through the pages. If the intention in creating it was to transfer the pulse of Ibiza beyond the reach of the Mediterranean Sea, we’d say the pair was hugely successful.

After a wonderful launch party at Maison Assouline in London, it only made sense to bring the positive vibes over for a launch in Ibiza – where else?! It ended up being a truly unique experience that we are so honoured to have sponsored and been so involved with. In true Ibiza style, the gregarious Caroline Legrand opened up her beautiful villa, Can Mimosa, set in a private lush valley, inviting friends and family (many of whom are featured in the book) to celebrate Renu, Maya, the island and ultimately – themselves!

The guests arrived just as the sun was setting; an eclectic group of creatives from all walks of life, work and Ibiza, all banded together in their shared passion for Ibiza Bohemia and the island way of living. Where the London event was quintessentially ‘London’ – this could not have been more ‘Ibiza’ if it tried! Caroline’s dramatic sloping garden was all of a sudden transformed into a boutique festival ground, allowing attendees to wander freely amongst a crowd of feather headdresses, floaty kaftans and lilting palm trees... All the cool cats came out to play!

Not only was the energy fantastic – heightened by frequent peals of raucous laughter and animated chatter – the production value of the entire evening was also phenomenal. Heaving platters of ripe figs and parma ham were just one of the foodie treats provided by Amoro Food. Options were everywhere: Coffee from Meke Coffee Roasters, drinks and cocktails from The Bar Ibiza, Moose, Potion Juicery, and several others. Little boho fashion stalls were also set up, on the off chance a guest wanted to buy a dress from Caravana Tulum or Izuskan. To tie it all up, a spectacular show was put on by aerial silk performers, twisting impressively in mid-air as casually as the crowds mingled beneath them.

With Domus Nova’s own launch in the Ibiza market, this is something that we are so proud to have been a part of. The enthusiasm of the crowds and the actual aesthetics of the events were in many ways a reflective vignette of Renu and Maya’s book.

“The architecture of Ibiza is only a part of an organic living relationship between man and nature.” – Rolph Blakstad, architect (quoted for Ibiza Bohemia)


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