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de Gournay

8th May 2019

Domus Nova Blog Image

A pursuit to create exemplary interiors, de Gournay defines bespoke perfection. Not afraid of implementing vibrant and contrasting colours as well as patterns, the artisans behind the impeccable designs manage to create something unique and remarkable with each project. The family company, in business for more than 30 years, has become an established name in the world of interior design – and rightfully so. We’re in absolute awe of every single one of their wallpaper creations. PR Executive Harald Donoghue shared all his insights about the process regarding the creation of a signature de Gournay wallpaper.

How and where does your process begin when you undertake a new project?

The order process begins with clients choosing a design they feel appropriate for their interior, of which we have a permanent collection composed of three distinct ranges including up to 20 designs each, all painted entirely by hand. A design miniature is then drafted to illustrate how the motif would be plotted through the room and, depending on the layout and placement, whether a tailored variant of the standard templates would be required. This is followed by a selection of background materials and design colours: if a dyed silk is preferred over a metallic paper, for example, and whether a more colourful or monochromatic palette is selected.

Where do you get your sources of inspiration from?

Our design team frequently has the privilege of working on projects with the most talented members of the interior design industry around the world. It’s not hard to be inspired, especially as designers themselves understand the product better in turn – resulting in a mutual exchange of possibilities and ideas. De Gournay frequently work on designs and projects in house too, which allows for us to experiment with new techniques and methods ahead of application to client orders. Our wallpapers are always developing.

What are some important points to consider before designing a wallpaper for a client?

An expanding part of our portfolio are the custom designs we create for clients with a unique vision in mind. This is always an engaging process between them and our design team, who work to create what the client wishes to depict in their home. It’s important in these situations to always consider questions of scale and perspective. It’s not a case of simply scaling up or down a design to fit – particularly those related to a Chinoiserie which must express a natural flow throughout an interior – as though it were grown.

What’s your favourite design that de Gournay has created to date?

It’s hard to choose just one – de Gournay is the only company in the world that creates its wallpapers by hand using methods unchanged for hundreds of years. That said, the Chinoiserie designs have always been a particular favourite. There’s something immediately appealing about the idea of conveying the outside within – literally bringing rooms to life.

Instagram: @degournay