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24th Mar 2020

Domus Nova Blog Image

As most of us find ourselves working from home over the course of the next weeks, for some of us it might be a new and even challenging concept. The separation between personal and work space blurring, sharing a space with members of the household that you wouldn’t normally during work hours and coming to terms with new communication habits between the rest of the company are concerns for many, but there are some easy and cost-effective ways to make working from home an enjoyable and motivating period. We at Domus wanted to share our best tips to turn your home space into an inspiring, calming and cosy environment during these times.

Set daily goals… and make them realistic

It can definitely be overwhelming having less office structure and where meetings and deadlines have moved online, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop setting daily tasks for yourself. Make a list first thing with your top priorities for that day, followed by any other tasks that can to be completed or started should there be time. Make sure to keep them realistic to avoid feeling stressed or anxious and consider a similar timetable to what you do at work. Yes, that includes your coffee and tea breaks.

Create a designated workspace 

As you have a designated workspace in the office, it only makes sense to continue this routine from home. Make sure to choose a spot which not only offers enough space for tech appliances, but which also allows you to have space for your water, notebook and even a candle. Having enough space to lay out your materials and documents can help against feelings of confinement which many of us will feel during this time. Our best tip? Find a spot that also allows for natural light to shine in and where you have access to fresh air.  We recommend not choosing the couch as your designated workspace…

Spring cleaning

What better opportunity to put extra care into the organisation of your home than now. Use the evening or weekend to de-clutter – from your kitchen cupboards, wardrobe and even storage space. A de-cluttered space leads to a clear mind and state. As a study by Princeton University conducted in 2011 showed, clutter made it more difficult for individuals to complete any certain task as ‘the visual cortex can be overwhelmed by task-irrelevant objects, making it harder to allocate attention and complete tasks efficiently.’ Neatly store items you don’t need in baskets or cupboards to make them easily accessible and still efficiently placed away.

Stay Inspired

Use your environment as your source of inspiration. Whether that means having some of your favourite coffee table reads by your side ready for some research, your favourite work of art hanging in the work pocket or simply changing your table cloth to a colour which helps with concentration, a little goes a long way. Our favourite sources of inspiration include having some greenery beside to brighten the space and our archive collection of Domus magazines ready to flicker through.  

Go Outside

It might seem obvious to many, but taking those little breaks as you would at the office are vital in keeping concentration and motivation at peak. Whether you have an outdoor space to catch some fresh air, or a park nearby for a 15-minute stroll (please do, however, listen to government regulations regarding outdoor activity), fresh air and a break from the screen goes miles in helping to stay focused. As a study published by the University of Naples in 2018 asserted, ‘much evidence shows that physical exercise is a strong gene modulator that induces structural and functional changes in the bran, determining enormous benefit on both cognitive functioning and wellbeing.’ In short, keep active where and when possible.