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Stay at Home Series

27th Apr 2020

Domus Nova Blog Image

While time has always been an unattainable luxury, we are now faced with more time at home than most of us know what to do with! Naturally, it is important to us that we don’t fall out of love with our homes during this period, and instead are able to draw comfort and inspiration from them. In our new Stay at Home Series we share how friends and clients of Domus across the design and creative industries have adjusted and are staying motivated.

Creative Director of luxury furniture brand Minotti London, Anke Summerhill, confesses her joy at the respite, the stronger sense of community and shares her lockdown indulgences with us.

How have you adjusted to working remotely?

I stay in close touch with the whole team and have regular online meetings. I walk our dog to the office a few times a week to deal with requests for samples, brochures etc. I love doing that as it reminds me that the world has not ended and business is continuing. I really like the tremendous sense of camaraderie that is going on, a real feeling of togetherness. A very positive thing to come out of this very challenging time.

Are you enjoying this time at home?

 The best bit is that I’m never late to work! Lockdown has given me more time to think in general, so it has actually been very helpful for the creative department. A big part of my job is seeing a lot of people and, as much as I love it, it has been very relaxing not socialising or having meetings. Although I will probably start missing it if this lockdown lasts much longer!

How have you re-arranged your home to suit working there all day?

I need a place that looks and feels nice, so I moved my desk in front of the window to get lots of natural light and fresh air. There is very little street noise and I can hear the birds singing all day, which makes me happy and in turn makes me productive.

Can you share your top tips of how to redesign your home to better suit lockdown?

Move your workspace to a part of your house which gets a lot of natural light, especially now it’s spring. The best place is usually by a window. Try and find a calming space in your home, devoid of too much clutter. I have moved into the guest bedroom for peace and quiet. Like everybody else I have been clearing and cleaning a fair bit which led me to finding ‘Sapiens: A Brief History or Humankind’ by Yuval Noah Harari, which I started some time ago but never finished as well as Michelle Obama's ‘Becoming’.

What's your advice for working from home that you can share with our readers?

I think as boring as it sounds stick to a routine. Even though you don’t have the commute to work anymore get up early. You can take advantage of this time to do some exercise or have an early morning walk before you start working. I have plenty of breaks during the day and really enjoy making myself a lovely lunch. Another advantage of working at home.

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