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Stay at Home Series

28th Apr 2020

Domus Nova Blog Image

The Parisian illustrator and artist, Marylou Faure, now based in London, is known for her bold, witty and uplifting artwork with strong social messages. Despite already being au fait with working from home, living at home all day has resulted in a need to redesign and update how she is using her living spaces. In the next of our Stay at Home Series, Marylou shares how she's transformed her home and habits and the importance of giving back during this period.

How have you designed your home workspace to boost creativity and productivity?

I’ve separated my living space from my working area, which allows me to switch off much more easily when I’m relaxing. I recently ordered a new storage unit (see image below) for all of my prints and it’s completely reshaped my flat. I feel much more organised.

What changes have you made to your home environment to better suit you living there 24/7?

I was already working from home, so I have pretty much lived in my home space most of the time before lockdown. I have tried to improve my living habits to keep my home nice and tidy and I am now much neater. I’ve also ordered more plants to make up for the lack of outdoor experience.

Please could you share your top tips of how our followers & readers can transform their homes during this period?

Move things around, declutter and get rid of the things that aren’t necessary. Use this time to try and make your space as pleasing and efficient as possible. I feel so uplifted when I look around and I feel my flat is looking as good as it can.

You recently collaborated with End Youth Homelessness as part of their #HOMEISWHERE campaign, to raise money to help the 103,000 homeless young people in the UK. A cause which has become more resonant than ever during our lockdown. Please could you explain the importance of this to you?

My agent got in touch a couple of months ago about creating an artwork for End Youth Homelessness that would be made into a t-shirt for a campaign. At the time, I didn't know about this charity but really wanted to get involved. It was actually prior to lockdown, but in this new context it feels even more important to shine a light on this charity. Being stuck in your flat makes you realise the importance of having your own place and how lucky we are to have somewhere we feel safe and comfortable. So now more than ever is a good opportunity to support the work of End Youth Homelessness and help those in need get their own place they can call home.

(See below for Marylou’s t-shirt design or purchase one here)

How are you staying inspired whilst at home?

I’m doing things I’ve been meaning to do for ages, painting in particular. As painting has a different medium and it’s not something that I usually do it’s made me feel more inspired.

What is your lockdown indulgence?

Wine and chocolate!