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The Chocolate Experts Share their Recipe for the Most Indulgent Hot Chocolate

4th Dec 2020

Domus Nova Blog Image

Notting Hill’s chocolate experts, Melt Chocolates, shared their recipe for the most indulgent, festive hot chocolate.

Silky, decadent and warming, hot chocolate is synonymous with the festive period. It’s the season to indulge ourselves, and after the year we’ve had, this Christmas we all deserve a bigger treat than usual. Whether it’s to curl up with whilst watching your favourite Christmas film, energise you whilst wrapping presents or enjoy on a Zoom call with friends, a steaming hot chocolate makes the perfect accompaniment.

Notting Hill’s chocolate experts, Melt Chocolates are well known amongst locals for their luxurious range of goodies, which uses the finest ingredients from around the world. They strongly believe in the power of chocolate to, not only act as a treat, but to energise and motivate. We extracted the secret to a making perfect hot chocolate from Melt’s General Manager, Neus Torreblanca and the recipe for the ultimate Christmas hot chocolate directly from their kitchen.

What does Christmas mean to you?

A family feast! There is something quite ancient and traditional about feasting and celebrating during the Winter Solstice.

What are your favourite Christmas treats to indulge on?

Good quality chocolate can power you through the festive season. We think it’s better to overindulge on chocolate than alcohol over Christmas.

Why is chocolate so interlinked with Christmas?

I think it’s connected to our desire to feast during the dark days of winter. There is nothing better for mental stimulation and providing energy during the winter months than chocolate. This is the season when your body needs energy and your mind needs a morale boost.

What makes the perfect hot chocolate?

High cocoa single origin chocolate is the key ingredient for a really good hot chocolate. The art of a good hot chocolate was actually perfected in ancient times, but this has been somewhat lost today. At Melt we are inspired by traditional techniques, which is what makes our hot chocolates extra special.

The Most Indulgent Christmas Hot Chocolate by Melt Chocolates

For 4 to 5 cups

300g 70% Dark Chocolate pieces
300g High Cocoa 38% Milk Chocolate pieces
600ml Whole Milk
100ml Cream (optional)
Cinnamon powder, chilli powder or vanilla oil for flavour


Start by breaking all of the chocolate into smaller pieces.

Slowly melt the 70% Dark Chocolate in a bain marie.

Meanwhile, warm the milk slowly (either in a pan on the hob or in the microwave, stirring regularly). Don’t let the milk boil.

When the chocolate is mostly melted add the High Cocoa 38% Milk Chocolate to the bain marie and stir in.

Once the milk is hot, take the melted chocolate out of the bain marie and slowly stir it in with the milk. Alternatively, you can melt the chocolate in the hot milk by stirring it in until fully melted.

If you’re looking for an extra luxurious (and a little bit naughty) taste, add the cream into the mixture.

With a small handheld electric whisk, whisk all the ingredients together. 

Flavour your hot chocolate with cinnamon, chilli or vanilla for a sophisticated Christmas twist and stir.

Pour into your favourite mug and enjoy immediately.