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Biophilic design can boost your health

22nd Jan 2021

Domus Nova Blog Image

The ongoing pandemic has induced a shift to working from home and spending more time indoors. It can be draining, especially when the arrival of the winter season precipitates longer, darker days. Re-establishing our innate affinity with nature by emulating it in our homes is one way of incorporating the calm, serene and tranquil attributes of the environment, creating the perfect indoor oasis. Although a stunning plant wall is a clever way to enhance a blank canvas, consider instead more creative approaches to biophilic design that will achieve a sense of harmony with your current décor. Well-laid out natural elements can unite the indoors and the outdoors to instil a meditative atmosphere and brighten your mood.

Showcase raw materials

Using natural materials such as wood, stone and wicker is a subtle way to make a room resonate with the environment. Reclaimed or unfinished dressers, rattan chairs and marble islands can act as both focal points as well as conduits of wellbeing. Exposed brick and stone can make striking accent walls or an enchanting fireplace. Textures like linen and leather as well as panelling create interest and function as additional layers to generate a more visually engaging space. Pairing these with smooth metallics and curved furniture achieves a sophisticated elegance that remains organic.

Archer Humphreys Architects effortlessly capture the ambience of nature without compromising on style in this refined property for sale in Stanhope’s Television Centre. Deep blues and browns are contrasted by white marble and complemented by organic material such as rattan and wood in this dramatic home that centres on ambience and relaxation.

Include natural shades

Earthy colour palettes are soothing; brown floors, taupe walls, green cushions and terracotta homeware contribute to a more grounded experience that offers a timeless appeal. Incorporating these shades into your bedroom can have a rejuvenating, comforting effect that is perfect for cosy nights spent indoors during the winter. Smoky yellows burnt oranges and deep reds complement rooms painted in a cooler grey or neutral cream; tertiary colours are more dynamic and imbue energy. For a more immersive sensorial experience, introduce pot pourri, incense, candles or other sources of fragrances that fill the room with floral scents.

Another gem located in the Television Centre and designed by Piercy&Company marries indulgent greens, oranges and reds with natural rattan and marble to elicit jungle vibes. Impressive in its unique aesthetic, this engaging and vivacious apartment is soothing to both body and soul as it nurtures the abiding bond between man and natural world.

Embrace nature-themed patterns

Botanical or animal print motifs paired with bright natural tones can add to the complexity of a room and create cohesion. Nature-themed cushions, beddings and wallpaper make a bold statement, injects character and invigorates a space without being overly intrusive. These prints often offset straight lines and clean edges for textural depth. Blending motifs, patterns and textures lend co-ordination to design narratives and achieve a sense of balance. Nature-themed wall art can achieve a rhythm that can be easily carried through every room. For areas where the view is lacking, scenic paintings and photographs add distinct dimensions. By submerging all the senses, the room becomes more of an extension of exterior space and retains an organic allure while achieving a high impact.

Located in central Kings Cross, this townhouse provides a slice of nature in the heart of the city. Deep greens, sea blue and soft pink furnishings combine to produce unity while scenic wall art adds character to the white walls. Tropical imagery creates visual interest while conjuring qualities of a beachy paradise. The variety of fabrics from velvet to leather provide the necessary textural variety that elevates the property while preserving a refreshing and enticing atmosphere.

Create a seamless flow between spaces

Open your home by removing boundaries between the internal and the external. Crittall doors leading outdoors effortlessly draws in the splendour of the outside environment while sheltering your home from harsher elements. It is the perfect conduit for natural light, expands the depth of the room and imparts a modern flair. The slim-profile frames enable a less intrusive view and is versatile enough to blend in with different design styles from Scandinavian minimalism to mid-century modern. Internal crittall doors permits light to spread throughout the various zones, keeping the rooms fresh and creating a serene flow.

Chepstow Villas, with crittall-style doors that fulfil ambitions in both form and function, can be the perfect retreat for someone looking to swap the stress of the city for a peaceful sanctuary without leaving the capital. Used for both internal and external purposes, the minimalist doors amplify the sunlight that floods into the room and showcases the luscious, landscaped garden. The transparency allows the room to become an extension of the outdoors and to appear crisp and breezy.

Earthy shades coupled with natural materials contribute to a cohesive dialogue with the external environment. Tertiary undertones, patterned décor and wall art achieve a richness and depth that is essential to creating a harmonious and lively setting that still foregrounds well-being. By curating a design narrative that is unified and engaging, it can effortlessly evoke images of nature that enable you to feel relaxed and revitalised.