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Easy tricks to warm up your home

15th Feb 2021

Domus Nova Blog Image

The cool weather, the darker days and the pandemic restrictions are only a few reasons that your home may need a warmer touch this winter. With more time spent indoors, our homes have become our safe havens and making them as comfortable and inviting as possible can add a little pleasure to your day. Simple design tricks can elevate your space into a cosy den that provides the kind of solace we all need right now.


Using layers to transform a room is an easy way of injecting warmth into a space and is one of the foundational principles of creating a cosy home. Plush cushions and chunky knitted throws are excellent options that can be changed with the season. Use texture-rich fabrics such as cashmere, wool and fur, which perfectly complement colder materials such as leather and linen. Use tactile wallpaper and curtains to soften clean lines and bare walls. Smoothen geometric edges with curved furniture such as sofas or circular coffee tables to add a relaxed ambience to the room.

Hippodrome Place, which is available to buy, applies layering to juxtapose the sleek finishes of its modern décor. Well-appointed soft furnishings in the lounge make curling up on the sofa hard to resist, while the bedrooms are dressed with throws and quilts to invite a sense of warmth.


Strike a balance between task and accent lighting. The brightness of an overhead light can be harsh but installing dimmers and incorporating multiple sources of light can achieve a more inviting setting. Table and floor lamps, sconces, pendants and scented candles not only form mood lighting and create clusters of illumination around focal points, but they also offset the flatness of overhead lighting. Stick to natural yellow light bulbs for a gentler glow. Fragrances supplement the sensorial experience such that natural scents like jasmine, lavender and chamomile augment a sense of rejuvenation.

A masterpiece in diffused lighting, this five-bedroom property in Bayswater offers multiple sources of illumination. Whether you’re looking to draw attention, set the mood or be productive, this home is on the market and can cater to every need.


Implementing a harmonious colour scheme in your home doesn’t need to involve a complete overhaul. Vibrant hues such as dark reds, burnt oranges and mustard yellows contribute an inviting, earthy tone while deep blues and greens are soothing and calming. White walls can be contrasted with upholstery or soft furnishings that are rich in colour. Try sprucing up your space with artwork or if possible, consider adding painted fittings such as tables and cabinets. Neutral palettes enhanced with brighter accents can create a warm atmosphere.

Colville Terrace establishes an immersive setting; dark greens marry perfectly with wooden accents to evoke a nature-themed environment, without overwhelming the senses. The balance of colour achieves a warming effect that soothes the soul.

Natural material

The organic and textured shades of natural material introduce warmth and sincerity while remaining stylish and sophisticated. Consider replacing hard, polished surfaces with rattan, wicker or jute for tactile complexity. Wooden undertones enrich an earthy colour palette while its pattern and texture invoke a connection with nature. Adding plants and other greenery can re-energise your space while boosting your mood and reducing stress. Flora, natural colour schemes and organic finishes coalesce in an intimate and enticing appeal with the extra benefit of being sustainable.

Wooden fittings are integral to the inviting character of this ultra-contemporary home in the Television Centre. The wooden finishes echo the welcoming embrace of nature and is comforting to the senses.

While fireplaces and wood cabins are synonymous with cosiness, there are several easier ways you can leverage design principles to add a homely ambience to your property. Assess your space to identify how you can use a mix of layering, lighting, colour arrangements and natural material to infuse your home with warmth.