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Wonderland + Flung at sketch - 19 greek street

29th Nov 2013

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19 greek street is London’s hub for international contemporary design honouring values of craftsmanship, integrity and design aesthetics. Established by Designer and Creative Director Marc Péridis, the 6-floor Victorian townhouse is London’s playground for sustainability and design experimentation. The gallery gathers design works by established and up and coming designers who believe in challenging the status quo of design. 

Marc reveals that the idea to start 19 greek street first came when he was approached by a Swiss investor to help develop and design a small hotel in central London. Marc and his team searched tirelessly for the perfect property to suit this small 6-room hotel concept, and came across 19 Greek Street. Initially Marc quickly dismissed it as “too small” and so moved onto other properties. When the hotel project later fell through, Marc was understandably disappointed to find that their dream of building London’s next design destination had fallen apart. In a moment of 'euphoric inspiration, or temporary insanity…' (as Marc labels it), they decided to sign a 10-year lease binding the business to (what was at the time) a decrepit shell of a building which, in all intents and purposes, was just a nudge away from completely falling apart. 
The building had been abandoned for about 18 months, Marc details - "probably because anyone who cared to visit it could only see a “money pit” or potentially a “total lemon”. We saw it as a beautiful structure with a noble soul which just needed a bit of love and care."

As anyone can see now, Marc decided to fill it with the most beautiful things that he and his team could find from around the world and turn it into a showcase for craft, excellence and design integrity to be shared with London’s most discerning design aficionados. "Much to our surprise, all the designers involved trekked over quite enthusiastically, rolling up their sleeves and bringing along a piece of their love and passion and it became clear that this was in fact our real product. I realised that by trying to create a gallery, we had somehow managed to create a community of talented designers all working towards a common goal."

Today, 19 greek street is a collective, a team, a tribe who’s impact is greater than the sum of its parts. "As the world shifts towards social conscience and sustainable thinking, we have become active members of the (even bigger) tribe of artists which is pioneering this important change in the world. Together, we are a collective for design, artistry and sustainability." - Marc Péridis.

For London Design Festival 2013, 19 greek street presents Wonderland, a new exhibition of eclectic design works from emerging and established designers. Oscillating between the worlds of art and design, Wonderland is a space for innovation, experimentation and limitless creativity: a playground for courageous free-thinkers who dare to challenge the status-quo of design. From ceramic robot lamps to tilted tables and chairs, thread-wrapped furniture and a cotton candy collection, 18 pieces by 12 designers make up this experimental landscape where art borrows function from design and design borrows abstraction (possibly even dysfunction) from art. Artists include Andrea Mancuso, Emilia SerraHilla ShamiaRasmus Bækkel Fex, Richard HuttenChristina Schou ChristensenIina Vuorivirta and Anton Alvarez


Flung: the upside of down at sketch / September – December 2013
Contemporary design gallery 19 greek street curates Flung: the upside of down, an exhibition at Mayfair restaurant Sketch for this year’s edition of the London Design Festival. 5 installations by 4 designers form an emotional and experimental landscape where disruption is a birthplace for new perspectives. The selected works each depict an awkward or deformed restaurant scene in which catastrophe has disrupted the course of normality. Tilted tables, deformed chairs, mummy-like seating and a flung, upside-down suspended restaurant demonstrate how catastrophe can, unintentionally, create beauty.

sketch, 9 Conduit Street, London W1S;

19 greek street, 19 Greek Street, London W1D;





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